2575 Space Saver Spice Rack  9 Piece Spice Set

2575 Space Saver Spice Rack 9 Piece Spice Set

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Price : $500.00 /pc
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  • Length (CM) :5
  • Height (CM) :5
  • Breadth (CM) :5
  • Weight (KG) :1.462

?? Kitchen Storage Plastic Hanging 9 pieces Jars, Spice Rack Masala Organizer with 3 Tier Container Spice Stand (Multicolor)

Kitchenware spice rack round set ideal storage solution for spice and herbs unbreakable body easy to clean transparent container for easy access and pick of containers revolving stand for east access and pick of containers shake and pore with multiple hole selection sleek and elegant look add flavor to your kitchen decor simple durable and comfortable to use storage container. Suitable For: Condiments, salt, pepper, spices.

?? Clear Vision With Wide Mouth
Its bigger mouth made it more useful when it comes to store spices, powders, grains, cashews in it. You can easily pour anything in and out. Rack and pinion lid mae it air tight. Crystal clear view to identi the stuff easily

?? Elegantly Crafted Carousel
This spice rack is comes with wall Hanging feature. You can simply Hang the spice rack to pick the particular jar as per your wish.

?? Easy Handling
This spice rack has unique design which is suitable for modern kitchen. It has holds 9 jars in one spice rack. The jars can easily be fix on dedicated space. And it also provides a steady grip while holding the jars.

?? Strong jar
The jars are made by food grade material that holds upto 50 ml of spices, grams, dry fruits, Pulses etc.

?? Refillable and Dishwasher-friendly
Hanging Spice Rack set contains refillable jars which are easy to clean, as they have been made compatible with dishwasher use.

?? Shatterproof Body
Designed from the highest food-grade, BPA free plastic, Hanging Spice Rack set is a tough and durable addition to your kitchen. While the individual racks are made to withstand everyday wear and tear easily with their clear ABS plastic, chrome-plated top shatterproof make; the actual rack is made from ABS thermoplastic for impact resistance and toughness.

?? Easy to Use Spice Jars
You can keep your condiments fresh and odour free with Hanging Spice Rack set. It has 9 spice jars with twistable lids, which make them easy to open and use. Each lid has a plastic sifter insert with three holes, allowing you to fill the jar and easily access its contents. The black lids also add a professional appeal to the jar and look neat in your kitchen.

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