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2213 Mini Dustpan with Brush Broom Set for Multipurpose Cleaning - 2 pcs

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Price : $107.00 /Pair
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  • Length (CM) :13
  • Height (CM) :20
  • Breadth (CM) :3
  • Weight (KG) :0.166

Plastic Mini Dustpan and Cleaning Brush Set Sweep Broom

You can trust and buy This Product for your ease. Convenient and practical It is used for ordinary cleanup Especially for cleaning up the corner and gap It is easy to use. Perfect for a small quick cleanup. The dustpan and brush snaps together making it great for Laptops, Desktop, Keyboards, Cars seats, Carpet, Dining Table. Mini Portable Plastic Dustpan Computer Keyboard Handle Brush Set Soft Cleaning Sweeper Hand Kitchen Dust Pan Good Tool For Cleaning Desk, keyboard ,closet, etc. Using The Mini Handle Dustpan Helps Cleaning Dust Is Very Fast And Effectively. The Product Is Durable And Practical.

Portable: light weight and mini design for easy storage and perfect solution for small problems.

Compact: both Dustpan and brush can attach them self so that it looks single piece and you can carry easily.

Hanging: easy to hang on the hook so that it comes handy when you need


- This item is a practical and convenient plastic clean brush set.

- Featuring a mini sized dustpan and brush set, this neat cleaning kit allows you to swiftly sweep away dust, dirt and crumbs. Mini size, convenient to storage.

- Good for cleaning car air outlet vent and dashboard. Also can be used to clean desktop, laptop, keyboard, etc.

- Made of high quality material for lasting use.

- High density brush, soft and flexible, easy for cleaning dust.

- Mini size, convenient to storage.

- Ideal for cleaning car air outlet vent and dashboard.

- Also good for cleaning desktop, laptop, keyboard, etc.

- Allowing you to clean in the small cages or narrow space, hard-to-clean corners, let you clean with efficiency.

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