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0146 Gas Cylinder Trolley

0146 Gas Cylinder Trolley

Store Name: DUCO ART

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Price : $255.00 /pc
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Full Description


  • Length (CM) :30.5
  • Height (CM) :7.5
  • Breadth (CM) :7.5
  • Weight (KG) :1.395

Gas Cylinder Trolley

    Here are the advantages

       Simple Development for Your Gas Chamber the gas chamber streetcar will assist you with moving your weighty gas chamber starting with one spot and then onto the next, effortlessly. Express farewell to spinal pains brought about by lifting your weighty chamber around the kitchen. This gas chamber streetcar finishes the work for you. Just put your LPG chamber on it and push it around. Its body is made of areas of strength from tough virgin plastic that can without much of a stretch bear the heaviness of gas chambers. Even, Multi-directional Development, Forestalls Scratches This LPG chamber streetcar is stacked with highlights that make it a priority instrument in your kitchen. You can move this streetcar around effectively because of the four substantial nylon castor wheels it sports. These wheels can move in different headings and are put on the external edge of this LPG chamber streetcar, guaranteeing that the chamber is even on the streetcar. You can now move your chamber flawlessly, in one smooth movement. This tough gas chamber streetcar is intended for outrageous Indian kitchen conditions. With its special multiplayer Chrome Plating over quality treated steel wire, the streetcar has unmatched-capable imperviousness to rust properties. Gas Streetcar produced using Polypropylene (sturdy plastic) granules can persevere through the heaviness of a full chamber making it intense and strong. Simple Roll is exceptionally intended to hold and effectively move weighty gas chambers starting with one spot and then onto the next. Furnished with Enormous Castors with locks, the Streetcar guarantees better portability and well-being. Made Areas of the strength of Sturdy Virgin Plastic That Can Without much of a stretch Bear The Heaviness Of Homegrown Gas Chambers Best Quality Wheels Make It Effectively Portable Simple to move toward any path. No of Wheels: 4, Four hardcore Castor wheels with against slide locks for improved security. Simple TO Utilize, Simple to store, pack and convey for trips and picnics, compact, manual, and very simple to utilize and clean, You Convey Any Gas Container Rough Plan for High Loads and Effect Stress, Easy to pull and Push, Color send according to accessibility Grade plastic material, Tough and sturdy, This is Made of premium quality rust evidence dependable material, Can hold any standard size LPG chamber

    • Made Of Strong And Durable Virgin Plastic That Can Easily Bear The Weight Of Domestic Gas Cylinders Best Quality Wheels Make It Easily Movable
    • Easy to move in any direction. No of Wheels: 4,Four heavy duty Castor wheels with anti skid locks for enhanced safety.
    • EASY TO USE ,Easy to store, pack & carry for outings & picnics , portable, manual and extremely easy to use and clean, You Carry Any Gas Bottle
    • Rugged Design for High Loads and Impact Stress, Easy to pull and Push ,Color send as per availability
    • Grade plastic material, Durable and sturdy, This is Made of premium quality rust proof long lasting material, Can hold any standard size LPG cylinder



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